A fine Bedfordshire Clanger


A fine Bedfordshire Clanger
A fine Bedfordshire Clanger

Bedfordshire Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than to indulge in some of the finest local treats that Bedfordshire has to offer. With lockdown stopping the usual gatherings, social media is more important than ever. With that in mind we are asking for everyone to use the hashtag #getYourClangersOut to show us your kitchen creations

The Mayor of Bedford at his desk with both a Bedfordshire Clanger and a toothpaste tart!

With a few days left to get to the shops, you still have time to get your ingredients to make your own Bedfordshire Clangers or Chocolate Toothpaste Tart. All the information that you need is at hand.

You can download the recipe for both as well as information about our local fruit variety, the Warden Pair, on our website. Or you can search YouTube for loads of videos about our famous dish. While your on YouTube, look out for local band CC Smugglers singing their short ode to the clanger in their unique style.

A fine example of the chocolate toothpaste tart, much loved by the people of Bedfordshire
A delight to behold, the Toothpaste Tart

Remember get cooking and #GetYourClangersOut!

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