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A fine Bedfordshire Clanger


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A fine Bedfordshire Clanger
A fine Bedfordshire Clanger

Bedfordshire Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than to indulge in some of the finest local treats that Bedfordshire has to offer. With lockdown stopping the usual gatherings, social media is more important than ever. With that in mind we are asking for everyone to use the hashtag #getYourClangersOut to show us your kitchen creations

The Mayor of Bedford at his desk with both a Bedfordshire Clanger and a toothpaste tart!

With a few days left to get to the shops, you still have time to get your ingredients to make your own Bedfordshire Clangers or Chocolate Toothpaste Tart. All the information that you need is at hand.

You can download the recipe for both as well as information about our local fruit variety, the Warden Pair, on our website. Or you can search YouTube for loads of videos about our famous dish. While your on YouTube, look out for local band CC Smugglers singing their short ode to the clanger in their unique style.

A fine example of the chocolate toothpaste tart, much loved by the people of Bedfordshire
A delight to behold, the Toothpaste Tart

Remember get cooking and #GetYourClangersOut!


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The weather has turned cold, leaves have fallen off the trees, the nights have well and truly drawn in. Naturally, our thoughts are turning to Christmas, but before we get to that we have one more celebration in mind: Bedfordshire Day!

Yes, it’s that time of year again where we ask you to think about what makes Bedfordshire so great and celebrate it with your nearest and dearest. This year, is obviously going to be different in many ways. Due to the current situation there will be no pub celebrations, no markets and no colourful flags decorating our fair county. Or will there?

Whilst we can not go out, due to lockdown, that doesn’t stop us all enjoying Bedfordshire Day at home. We are asking you to join in the online party this year by posting a photo of your lockdown Bedfordshire Day.

Bedfordshire Flag

Use the hashtag #BedsDay2020 or #BedfordshireDay we would like to see as many photos of our county flag as possible. Don’t have a flag? That’s OK, we’ve got you covered, with printable in various sizes. We also have blank flags for colouring in. Something to keep the young one’s busy for five minutes. Again, send us your photo’s of your colouring skills!

Lockdown means that we have to keep our distance this year, but we’re all allowed out for a bit of exercise. So send us some photos of the best spot on your run, or your dog walk, or country ramble.

Harrold/Odell Country Park

We may be apart this year, but we’re not alone. Let’s all celebrate our beautiful county together this Bedfordshire Day! #BedsDay2020

St. Edmund’s Day

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Today, 20th November is the annual feast day of Saint Edmund. A day which is celebrated especially in the county of Suffolk and in the town of Bury St. Edmund, which is his namesake.

The Friends of Bedfordshire Society would like to wish all our friends, and everyone else in England’s most easterly county, a very happy St. Edmund’s Day. Fly your Suffolk flags with pride!

Visit Suffolk Flag on Twitter and Facebook for more information.

Remebrance Sunday

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This year everything is very different but we still want to give our thanks to those who gave their lives for our freedom.

We may not be able to visit our memorials across Bedfordshire and attend the services that we usually would, but there will be many services taking place online instead.

We at the Friends of Bedfordshire Society are simply going to add this post in remembrance.

We will remember them.

Suffolk and Shetland Days

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Waking up this morning to films of Stonehenge reminds us that today is the summer solstice, midsummers day, Suffolk Day and Shetland Day.

Suffolk celebrate their country on this day, being the first county to see the summer sunrise, as they are the most easterly county.

Shetland also celebrate the date as it the longest day, which, given that they are the northern most county, gives the a very long day compared to the mainland (more than 19 hours!)