Bedfordshire Day

John Bunyan Statue

Statue of John Bunyan at the north end of Bedford High St.

Bedfordshire day is a day to celebrate of all that is great about our fine county. The History, the Culture… the clangers! It is held every year on 28th November. It is the anniversary of the birth of John Bunyan; author , preacher and synonymous with the county, the date was the perfect choice.

The first Bedfordshire day was held in 2015 after a public vote, organised by the Friends of Bedfordshire Society, found the anniversary of the birth of John Bunyan to be the most popular date, earning twice as many votes as the next most popular suggestion (22nd June – The siege of Bedford castle).

Bedfordshire Day poster in Eaton Socon

Poster for one celebration of Bedfordshire Day in Eaton Socon

We invite anyone and everyone to take part in Bedfordshire Day in what ever way they like. Raising the county flag, having a clanger for dinner or joining in with one of the many events going on across the county. If you have any suggestions for a Bedfordshire day celebration, or you are planning your own event, we’d love to hear from you.