Buckinghamshire Day

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We’d like to say sorry for being late with our post, which should have been yesterday. Technical difficulties made it impossible to post until just now. Fortunately we are back up and running.Yesterday was Buckinghamshire Day, it was decided that it should coincide with the inauguartion of one of the most important events to come out of Buckinghamshire, the Paralympic games, which were first held at Stoke Mandeville hospital, just outside Aylesbury.So happy Buckinghamshire day to our neighbours to the west. We hope it was a great day!

Happy Norfolk day

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#NorfolkDay #Norfolk

In our continuing set of posts highlighting the other county days around the country. We’d like to give a very hearty cheer to all of our friends out on the east coast in Norfolk today who are celebrating their county in style. With more than 150 events across the county it is one of the more successful of the county days. We can only wish for similar success in Bedfordshire in the future as our county day becomes more familiar.

Happy Hampshire Day

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#StSwithunsDay #Hampshire #HampshireDay #HampshireHogs

We post quite a bit about other counties and their county days because county days are not just for the big counties with a long history. Some counties, like us here in Bedfordshire, liked the idea and have organised their own county days.

Today is the first ever Hampshire day. This date was chosen because it is the feast day of St. Swithun, a saint who is closely linked with the county. We want to wish all those is the county a very happy St Swithun’s Day/Hampshire Day. We hope it’s a great day.

Midsummer’s day

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#suffolkDay #ShetlandDay #MidsummersDay #LongestDay

As we are sure you are aware, today is Midsummer’s day. Two British counties celebrate this as their county day today, Suffolk and Shetland. Suffolk, because it is the first place in the UK to see the rising sun in the East. Shetland, because it is the longest day, which is important when you are so far north.

We would like to wish many happy returns to all our friends in both counties. Have a good one guys!